Gayle Nemeth

Qu’Appelle Valley – Photo Credit: Shannon Dyck

Writing The Will: What I learned along the way

The Will is an historical novel that I’ve always wanted to write,
always needed to write, having collected the material for years in my head and in large cardboard boxes, until one day it started spilling out onto paper.

Andrew Gordon

It’s based on the lives of my grandfather, Alfie Stewart, and his
neighbour and friend, Andrew Gordon, who lived and farmed down the road on the Pasqua Indian Reservation.

Alfie Stewart

The story is based on true events that took place on the cusp of the Great Depression on the Canadian Prairies in and around the legendary Qu’Appelle Valley.

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Here I will provide blog posts with glimpses into the process of writing
this manuscript, as well as selected excerpts.

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