If It Is Made for Good, It’s Good

I had not expected to find myself driving down into the Qu’Appelle Valley that crisp but brilliantly sunny morning last October. As I looked across, I saw the valley and the hills as a palette of people’s lives over generations, their history a small slice relative to the valley’s glacial formation. Three days earlier, I’dContinue reading If It Is Made for Good, It’s Good

Slàinte Mhath

As our plane prepared to land over the sodden green fields surrounding the Glasgow airport, I distinctly sensed how natural it seemed to be arriving there. After my visit to Eagle Island, I knew then that Islay would be my next island visit. My sixteen-year-old daughter, Jessica, and I had spent the winter planning anContinue reading “Slàinte Mhath”

The Isle is Full of Noises

Alistair MacLeod’s Island is one of my favourite books of short stories. When I read James Wood’s Guardian review of MacLeod’s collection, his reference to the Shakespearean line “the isle is full of noises” brought to mind the noises in the form of voices of people whose stories I drew upon when writing The Will.Continue reading The Isle is Full of Noises